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Best adjustable Trailer Hitch

An adjustable trailer hitch is a special tool that helps when towing different trailers with varying weights and sizes. It can be adjusted to match the height and level of the trailer you are towing. It also allows you to use different ball sizes for different trailers.

This kind of hitch is a good investment if you often tow different trailers or if the weight of the cargo on your trailer changes a lot. However, there are many types of adjustable hitches with different features and prices, so it can be hard to choose the right one.

In this guide, we will explain what an adjustable trailer hitch is, why it’s useful, and how it works. We will also show you how to measure and calculate the height of the hitch you need for your trailer. We’ll cover how to install the hitch and how to decide how high to set the part that connects to your trailer.

We’ll also give you some tips for choosing the best adjustable trailer hitch for your needs. This will help you decide which one is the best fit for you and your trailer.

What is an adjustable Trailer Hitch ?

An adjustable trailer hitch is a special device that allows you to connect a trailer to the back of a vehicle. It’s like a connector that helps to join the trailer and the car together. The cool thing about it is that you can change its position to make it fit different sizes of trailers. So, if you want to attach a big trailer or a small trailer, you can adjust the hitch to make sure it fits just right. It’s a handy tool that helps make towing things easier and safer!

Adjustable trailer hitches have a special part called an adjustable ball mount shank. You can move it up or down depending on the height of the trailer you’re towing. This helps you level out the trailer quickly and adjust the ball height based on how heavy things are in the trailer, so it stays level when you’re towing it.

What is an adjustable ball mount ?

An adjustable ball mount is a special part used for towing trailers. It can be raised or lowered to make sure the trailer stays level. Imagine you have a toy car attached to a little trailer. If the trailer is lower or higher in the back, it can make the car unstable and hard to drive. By using an adjustable ball mount, you can make sure the trailer is level, just like the ground. This helps keep everything balanced and safe while towing.

There are different types of adjustable ball mounts. Some can handle heavy trailers that weigh more than 20,000 pounds! They can be made of strong steel or lightweight aluminum. It’s important to choose the right ball mount depending on how heavy your trailer is.

Pros and Cons of adjustable Trailer Hitch

Adjustable trailer hitches are really cool because they can fit almost any trailer! This means you don’t need to worry about having different hitches for different trailers. With an adjustable hitch, you can tow trailers with different weights and sizes.

CURT adjustable hitches even have a special feature called a dual ball, which means you can tow trailers with different coupler sizes. Isn’t that handy?

Using a CURT adjustable trailer hitch, you can tow many types of trailers safely and securely, without having to carry around lots of different hitches. It’s like having one hitch that can do it all!


  • They make it easy to level different trailers quickly.
  • You don’t have to carry around multiple hitches and ball accessories.
  • The hitch has special technology that absorbs shocks, so it’s a smooth ride.
  • It’s cheaper than buying lots of different hitches.
  • You can adjust the height of the hitch while you’re on the go.


  • Adjustable hitches usually cost more upfront compared to a regular hitch.
  • They can be heavier than a regular hitch.
  • They need some initial setup and configuration.

Overall, adjustable trailer hitches are a great choice if you want flexibility and convenience when towing different trailers.

Top 7 Best Adjustable Trailer Hitch

Comparison Table

Image Product Details  
backpac CURT 45900 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Brand : CURT
Item Weight : 0.5 Pounds
Vehicle Service Type : Trailer
backpac B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Brand : B&W Trailer Hitches
Item Weight : 35 Pounds
Vehicle Service Type: Marine-Personal-Craft, Trailer
backpac Weigh Safe Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Brand : Weigh Safe
Item Weight : 22.3 pounds
Vehicle Service Type: Trailer
backpac Bulletproof Hitches Adjustable Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch Brand : BulletProof Hitches
Item Weight : 43 Pounds
Vehicle Service Type: Trailer
backpac Aluma-Tow Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Brand : Uriah Products
Item Weight : 17 pounds
backpac MaxxHaul Adjust Dual Ball Mount  Brand : MAXXHAUL
Item Weight : 29 pounds
backpac  GEN-Y MEGA-Duty Adjustable Drop Hitch Brand : GEN-Y Hitch
Item Weight : 45 Pounds
Vehicle Service Type: Trailer

1. CURT 45900 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

This Curt Mfg 45900 adjustable hitch is the best-selling hitch on Amazon. It’s made with super strong steel and has a special coating to protect it from getting rusty in bad weather. You can adjust and set it up easily, and it will last for many years while you tow things.

This is an adjustable trailer hitch ball mount made by CURT. It’s a tool that helps you tow trailers behind your vehicle.

The hitch ball mount is made of strong steel and has a durable black coating to protect it from the weather. It comes with two different sized balls — a smaller 2-inch ball and a larger 2-5/16-inch ball. These balls can be adjusted to different heights, which helps make sure your trailer is level when you tow it.

You can use this hitch ball mount with most standard trailer hitch receivers. It’s perfect for Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5 hitches.

When you tow a trailer, it’s important to have a smooth and quiet ride. That’s why this hitch ball mount has a special feature to reduce vibrations and rattling noises.

The hitch ball mount is also very versatile. It can give you up to a 6-inch drop or a 5-1/4-inch rise, depending on what you need for your trailer.

It’s important to note that the smaller 2-inch ball has a weight capacity of 10,000 pounds, while the larger 2-5/16-inch ball can handle up to 14,000 pounds. This means you can tow heavy trailers with this hitch ball mount.

Using an adjustable hitch ball mount like this one can save you time and money because you don’t need multiple ball mounts for different trailers. This one can work with many different trailers.


  • Highly versatile and adjustable design.
  • Smooth and quiet towing experience with built-in anti-rattle feature.
  •  Made from strong steel for durability.
  • Fits most standard trailer hitch receivers.
  • Weather-resistant with a durable powder coat finish.


  • The adjustment process may be a bit complicated for some users.
  • May be more suitable for those who frequently tow different trailers.

2. B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

The Tow & Stow Adjustable Trailer Hitch by B&W Trailer Hitches is a special towing device that helps you attach a trailer to your vehicle safely and easily. It’s like having a special tool that you can adjust to fit different vehicles and trailers.

This hitch is really cool because you can change the height of it to make sure your trailer stays level while you’re towing it. All you have to do is pull these special pins made of stainless steel and you can move the hitch up or down. You can also change the size of the ball that you attach to the hitch by rotating it.

When you’re not using the hitch, you can stow it away under your vehicle. This keeps it out of the way and prevents you from accidentally bumping into it or damaging it by hitting it on something. Plus, it has a special design that makes it hard for someone to remove it, so you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen.

The Tow & Stow Trailer Hitch is really tough and durable. It’s made from strong steel and has a special coating that protects it from rust and other damage. This means it can handle tough conditions and last a long time. It’s perfect for carrying heavy equipment during the week and then towing your boat on the weekend.


  • Adjustable height for level towing
  • Easy to switch between different ball sizes
  • Anti-theft design for added security
  • Made of strong and durable steel
  • Corrosion-resistant finish for long-lasting use


  • Can be heavy (weighs 35 pounds), which may require some strength to handle.

3. Weigh Safe Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

The Weigh Safe Adjustable Trailer Hitch is a helpful tool used for towing trailers. It is made by the brand Weigh Safe and is designed for use with trailers. This trailer hitch is made of stainless steel and aluminum, which makes it strong and durable.

One of the main benefits of using this trailer hitch is that it helps prevent trailer sway. It is the only 8″ hitch ball mount that accurately measures tongue weight. This is possible due to its patented technology and built-in scales. With this feature, you can safely load and tow any trailer.

The hitch is also adjustable, with an 8″ drop and a 9″ rise. It can be easily adjusted in 1″ increments to fit trailers of different heights. To protect your drop hitch from theft, it has an anti-theft locking design.

This trailer hitch has a heavy-duty towing capacity. It is made of 20 lbs of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, and it can tow up to 18,500 lbs of weight. This makes it very strong and reliable.

When you purchase this trailer hitch, you will receive a four-piece set of locks that are all keyed alike. This includes a dual pin lock, a receiver pin lock, a coupler lock, and a padlock. Having all these locks ensures that your hitch is securely locked, and you only need one key for all the components.


  • Accurate tongue weight measurement helps prevent trailer sway
  •  Adjustable height for different trailer sizes
  • Strong and durable materials
  • Secure locking system with multiple locks
  • Made in the USA


  • Requires some additional set-up and adjustment

4. Bulletproof Hitches Adjustable Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch

This Adjustable Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch by Bulletproof Hitches is a special hitch that helps you tow trailers with ease. It is made of a strong material called alloy steel and has a powder-coated finish to protect it from rust and damage.

Here are some cool things about this hitch that you might find interesting:

It has a special design that allows you to adjust its height to fit different trailers. This means you can use it with different types of trailers without any problem.

The hitch comes with two different sizes of balls, a 2-inch ball and a 2 5/16-inch ball. These balls are made of solid steel, which makes them really strong and reliable.

The hitch is really heavy-duty and can handle a lot of weight. It can tow trailers weighing up to 22,000 pounds and has a tongue weight capacity of 3,000 pounds. This means you can safely tow heavy trailers without any worries.


  • Strong and durable, made of alloy steel
  • Adjustable height for different trailers
  • Comes with two different-sized balls for versatility
  • Can handle heavy weights safely


  • The hitch is quite heavy, weighing 43 pounds

5. Aluma-Tow Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

The Aluma-Tow Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount is a special tool that helps you when you need to tow things behind your car or truck. It has some really cool features that make it really useful.

One of the best things about the Aluma-Tow is that you can raise or lower it to fit different trailers. It has a 6-inch drop distance and a 6 3/4-inch rise distance. That means you can adjust it to match the height of your trailer, so it will be level when you’re driving.

Another great feature is that it comes with three different hitch balls. These balls are what connect your trailer to the hitch mount. The Aluma-Tow has three hitch balls in different sizes: 1 7/8 inches, 2 inches, and 2 5/16 inches. This means it can fit any type of trailer you might have.

One really important thing is that the Aluma-Tow is designed to be strong and safe. It has a special patented design and it can handle a lot of weight. In fact, it has the highest gross trailer weight rating on the market, which means it can handle trailers that weigh up to 12,000 pounds.


  • It is adjustable and can be used with different trailers.
  •  It is very secure with the locking pins.
  •  It can handle heavy loads.
  • It is compatible with all types of trailers.


  • It may require some effort to adjust the height and change the hitch balls.

6. MaxxHaul Adjust Dual Ball Mount 

This Maxxhaul Dual Ball Hitch is a really good hitch that you can adjust to fit different trailers. It’s not too expensive, but it can handle towing really well. The hitch is made of strong black and chrome steel, and it has two different sized balls – one that’s 2 inches and another that’s 2 and 5/16 inches.

The hitch can handle up to 8,000 pounds when using the 2-inch ball, and up to 12,000 pounds when using the 2 and 5/16-inch ball. It has a shank that’s 2 inches by 2 inches, and it easily fits into the receiver on your vehicle. To make sure the hitch is secure and won’t move while towing, you use two locking pins to connect the hitch ball to the bracket.

This hitch is made following safety standards set by SAE J684E, and it’s really good for towing heavy things. It has a drop of 6 ½ inches and a rise of 7 ½ inches. The Maxxhaul hitch is pretty heavy itself, weighing 29.5 pounds, and that helps keep the trailer from swaying too much.

Maxxhaul is a company from China that makes and sells trailer hitch accessories in North America. This dual ball hitch is liked by a lot of people and has a great rating . It’s also been recommended as one of the best hitches by many people.


  • High towing capacity for heavy loads
  •  Adjustable height for convenient towing
  • Durable steel construction with a powder-coated finish
  •  Dual-pin design for added stability


  • Requires some knowledge and skill to install properly

7. GEN-Y MEGA-Duty Adjustable Drop Hitch

The GEN-Y Mega-Duty adjustable hitch is a really cool tool that helps people tow things safely and easily. It’s made of really strong alloy steel and has a special powder-coated finish to protect it from wear and tear. With this hitch, you can tow up to 16,000 pounds of weight, and it can handle a tongue weight of up to 2,000 pounds. That means you can tow a lot of heavy stuff without any problems!

One of the great things about this hitch is that it’s adjustable. That means you can change the height of the attachment by just pulling a pin and moving the ball mount to the right position. This makes it easy to tow your trailer at the right level and makes the hookup quick and simple. Plus, this hitch is really versatile – you can use it not just for towing, but also for other things like carrying bicycles, motorcycles, or cargo racks.

The GEN-Y Mega-Duty hitch is made to be really strong and durable, so you can count on it to last a long time. It’s designed to be used in the drop or rise position, which means it can fit lots of different bumper style trailers and pintle style couplings. It’s also really safe to use as long as you don’t exceed the recommended towing capacity. Always make sure to follow the guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.


  • Can tow up to 16,000 pounds
  • Adjustable height for easy hookup
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Made in the USA


  • It’s quite heavy, weighing about 45 pounds.

Factors to consider when choosing the best adjustable Trailer Hitch

Weight Capacity

When you’re picking the best adjustable trailer hitch, one of the most important things to think about is its weight capacity. This means that the hitch has a maximum weight it can safely handle when you’re towing something. It’s not just about how heavy the trailer is when it’s empty, but also when it’s fully loaded. You should always check something called “Gross Trailer Weight” and “Tongue Weight” ratings. If you put too much weight on the hitch, it can be dangerous and cause accidents or damage to your vehicle or trailer. So, it’s really important to understand and follow the weight capacity for trailer safety.

Hitch Ball Size

There are different sizes of hitch balls. You need to make sure that the size of the hitch ball matches the coupler on your trailer. If the hitch ball is too small, the trailer could disconnect while you’re driving. And if the hitch ball is too big, it won’t fit properly. So, picking the right hitch ball size is not only about making a secure connection between your vehicle and the trailer but also about keeping it safe when you’re towing.

Adjustment Range

When picking an adjustable trailer hitch, another important thing to consider is the adjustment range. This refers to how much the hitch can move up or down to match the height of your trailer’s coupler. Hitches with a wider adjustment range are more flexible and can tow different types of trailers while keeping them level. It’s important to keep your trailer level because it makes the ride smoother, puts less stress on your vehicle, and improves overall safety when towing. Just make sure the adjustable hitch you choose can fit your specific towing needs.


Durability is an important factor when choosing the best adjustable trailer hitch. A durable hitch is made from strong materials like stainless steel or aluminum, which helps it last a long time even when towing heavy loads. Some high-quality hitches also have a special coating to protect against rust and corrosion. This means the hitch can stay strong and safe for many years. It’s a good idea to invest in a durable hitch, even if it costs a bit more initially. This way, you can have confidence in the hitch’s ability to securely connect your vehicle to the trailer.

Ease of Use

You’ll want a hitch that’s simple to adjust, install, and remove when needed. Look for models that have a design that’s easy to understand and allows you to change the height quickly and easily. Some hitches have a pin and clip system to adjust the height, while others are tool-free and even simpler to use. The installation process should also be straightforward, with clear instructions from the manufacturer. An easy-to-use hitch saves you time and effort, and makes sure you install it correctly, which keeps towing safe.


The price of an adjustable trailer hitch is something to consider. There are different prices available, which can vary depending on the brand, materials used, and features it offers. Generally, high-quality hitches have higher prices compared to cheaper models. However, it’s important to remember that good quality is important for the hitch’s durability and safety. It’s a good idea to invest in a hitch with all the features you want, even if it means paying more upfront. This way, you can be confident that your adjustable trailer hitch will last a long time and keep your vehicle and trailer safe when towing.


A warranty is like a promise from the company that they believe in their product and will take care of any problems you might have with it. Some companies even offer warranties for up to five years, which means they will help you if anything goes wrong during that time. It’s also a good idea to look for warranties that cover both the hitch itself and its installation. This way, you can feel confident that any issues that come up will be resolved.

How to Determine the Rise or Drop Height for Choosing an Adjustable Trailer Hitch

To use an adjustable trailer hitch, you first need to find out the proper ball height for your trailer. This means knowing how high the ball on the hitch should be. Once you have that information, you can choose the right adjustable hitch.

Adjustable hitches are great because they can be changed to fit different trailers with different ball heights and weights. However, you’ll need to figure out if your tow vehicle needs the hitch to be lower or higher in order for the trailer to be level.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you do just that:

Step 1: Determine the height from the ground to the receiver tube

First, take your tape measure and measure how high the receiver tube on your tow vehicle is from the ground. Make sure to measure up to the top inside part of the receiver tube to get the right height. Remember this number for later.

Step 2: Determine the height from the ground to the coupler.

Next, make sure your trailer is level by putting a level on the part of the trailer closest to the coupler. Move the trailer up or down until it’s level with the ground.

Now, measure from the ground to the bottom edge of the trailer coupler using your measuring tape. Remember this number too.

Step 3: Find out Your Drop or Rise

With the receiver height and coupler height that you measured, subtract the coupler height from the receiver height. This will give you a number called the “drop” or “rise.”

Step 4: Select an adjustable hitch that corresponds to your drop or rise measurement

Choose an adjustable trailer hitch that has a drop or rise number that matches the one you calculated. Adjustable trailer hitches are designed to work within a certain height range. The height of the connection point is important and changes depending on how tall and heavy your trailer is.

Step 5 (optional):Consider measuring other trailers you intend to tow

If you have more than one trailer, do this process again to make sure your adjustable trailer hitch is right for all the trailers you’ll be towing.


When it comes to choosing the best adjustable trailer hitch for your towing needs, it’s important to do some research and consider a few important factors. These factors include the weight capacity, which tells you how much weight the hitch can handle, the adjustability range, which determines how much you can change the height of the hitch, and the durability, which is how strong and long-lasting the hitch is.

We’ve done some research and made a list of our top 7 picks for the best adjustable trailer hitches. Each of these hitches has its own special features and benefits. So whether you’re towing a small utility trailer or a big RV, there’s a hitch out there that’s just right for what you need.

Whenever you install or use a trailer hitch, it’s really important to put safety first. Make sure you carefully read and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Choosing a good adjustable trailer hitch will not only make things easier for you, but it will also help guarantee a smoother and safer journey.

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